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3MON Digital is a technology division of THE 3MON with a primary focus on digital transformation of workplaces through implementation and deployment of Microsoft solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and ERP. We work with small to mid-sized enterprise organisations to empower your business to respond to new business opportunities and engage with customers without barriers of technology.

Digital Transforation

Digital Transformation is an opportunity for organisations to leverage technology to deliver a cutting-edge user experience. It is an inevitable journey that all organisations are to embark on, fundamentally changing the way in which business is done, and customers are serviced. It is the journey that starts with evaluating the way the organisation works, communicates, connects and collaborates. This evaluation process assesses the digital maturity, and the current technology initiatives of your company to help build your Digital Strategy and design the roadmap for the journey. The Digital Strategy is the bridge between the organisation’s Business strategy and the ICT Strategy and it is a strategic framework for creating and optimising the organisation’s digital business model.

3MON Digital journey with you from evaluation to deployment to ensure your business reaps the benefits of digital transformation.

Some of the benefits of digital transformation

Creating hyperawareness, informed-decision making, and fast execution abilities is at the heart of competitive and successful businesses.

Organisations are investing in digital solutions to assist them to save on infrastructure and other costs while enabling them to transform the business.

Data insights are the key drivers for growth and success of the business. Digital transformation facilitates access to data through the use of analytical tools that allow the businesses to track and analyse the performance of their websites, marketing campaigns and content in real-time.

Increase productivity of the business through adoption of digital workplace strategy to align technology, employees and business processes.

Digital Business

The service offering focuses on digital transformation of your business. Services, functions and applications are rapidly transitioning to the cloud and businesses require tools and solutions to enable to connect, communicate and collaborate securely, seamlessly from anywhere at any time to ensure business continuity. 3MON Digital deploys Microsoft advanced technologies, Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft 365, to digitise the workplace. We partner with you to access your requirements, recommend and journey with your business throughout the deployment, maintenance and support of your investment.

Data Center Solutions

The service offering help reduce impact of adopting Microsoft technologies and enable rapid ROI and quick adoption of technologies to modernize infrastructure platforms for security, reliability and cost effectiveness. We manage the servers, services and applications, protect and secure your data. We manage all aspects of the datacentre to guarantee minimal downtime and optimized operations while mitigating business risks.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud is key to unlocking next-generation digital infrastructure. It is the foundation of delivering all benefits of digital transformation. 3MON Digital partners with you to design your cloud requirements, implement and manage it for you, whether it is the private cloud which is on premise or the public cloud which is the Microsoft Azure or the hybrid cloud.

Fixed Network and Wireless Solutions

3MON Digital partners with you to draft the home, school or business connectivity solution to build ubiquitous digital office and learning space. We use UNIFI and Huawei technologies in our deployments of wireless solutions to provide family, learners, staff or customers with access to Wi-Fi. Should your preference be the fixed network, we provide network cabling services as well as maintaining the existing ones.


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